Every business reaches a crucial juncture. You spend years developing a project. Then it comes time to sell it. We recently reached this point with TEST. So we decided it was the right moment to give TEST some velocity.

That’s where our marketing team of Tintti Sarola and Jussi Hyttinen comes in. They swept into Basel recently from Berlin and set up boot camp with the TEST creative team for a weekend. Sleeping wasn’t part of the equation. About a dozen hours of it were found between Friday evening and Monday morning. Eating wasn’t exactly a break, either. It was just a time to move the discussion to the kitchen and then to the dining table.

After many hours of an intensive back-and-forth, slash-and-burn, pause-and-think, the marketing crew conjured into existence several key documents to shape the road ahead for TEST. They nailed down the message we want to send out and the visuals we want to display. They locked in the TEST brand and promise, and went into the nitty-gritty details of font size and color scheme. By the time the weekend was over they had created the look-and-feel of the TEST website and laid out the marketing campaign. They produced a sales pitch and a sponsorship package to fold even more folks into the TEST experience.

Over the last couple of years we have worked hard on honing the music, book, and lyrics of TEST. Our marketing team has now honed the message. We have liftoff.