Marc Storace has been kicking butt as the lead singer of Krokus for almost 40 years. Other rock singers of his generation can barely whisper a conversation. Marc can rip across three octaves of melodic power rock like kick-starting a Harley.

Forty years of blowing the roof off concert venues tells you something about Marc’s age and stamina. But not everything. Because in TEST, Marc’s stage age is different from his real-life age. A lot different.

How about 130? Yep. Marc plays the character Luke in TEST, a blues singer and gambler who had his life extended in a genetic experiment to the ripe old age of 130. Luke regrets the move and eventually gets tired of the hard knocks that life has been handing out to him. So he snuffs himself. Only to find out that suicide is a big-time bummer. This is the opening scene of TEST, and the story unfolds from there.

When we were casting TEST, the only name that came up in the conversation for the character Luke was Marc Storace. The Basel-based rocker was a perfect fit for a home-grown, Basel-produced, Basel-developed rock opera that required an older rock star who could still strut his stuff. And believe me, when you see Marc in TEST, you’ll know that the dude can rock and sing. More than that, he can channel his inner Marlin Brando to act with a sensitivity you wouldn’t expect from a bad-ass rocker.