It can take two presidential cycles to develop a musical or rock opera from the point of conception to the world premiere. This time period includes baby steps mixed with sudden leaps of wing-suited flight.

Along this path is the rock-solid foundation of the workshop. The workshop is where you become bold enough to kill your little darlings and encouraged enough to continue on your path because you know that what you’ve got is good. It needs a shave and a haircut and makeup. But it’s got more than potential. It’s the real deal with heart and character and mojo.

A workshop is the first time that the lyrics you have on paper and the notations in the musical score magically turn into voice, character, story, and action. The process is as miraculous as water into wine. But in reality it is no miracle. It just seems like it after the fact.

It is wing-suited flight that actually lands. You live to see another day. But resting is not an option. What can I do to make TEST a better experience for the actors, musicians, and audience? You ask yourself this question every day as you prepare again for your wing-suited flight. The workshop is one of the key places where you learn to land.