Risk comes in all shapes and sizes. But risk-takers have common qualities: passion in abundance, a strong will, and no fear. Risk-takers love the thrill of adventure, and they’re itching to be first-movers in the next big thing. I’m pleased and honored to say that more than a dozen private investors have hitched their wagons to TEST to roll out across uncharted territory.
The majority of these early backers of TEST climbed aboard at the workshops. We invited close to 100 people to the first workshop in September. The primary reason for inviting an audience was to gather feedback. The feedback came fast and furious, and it wasn’t just in the form of encouragement and criticism. Within one week of the workshop we had half a dozen new financial supporters on board. The workshop in January 2015 also quickly brought in several more investors. TEST now has a total of 14 persons who have demonstrated their belief in the success of TEST through a major financial commitment.
I am very grateful for these risk-takers as they join us on this adventure. There is still some room for a couple of more investors to climb aboard before we reach the cap.
Pure risk and no fun could be boring for even the heartiest risk-taker. That’s why we held an investor Happy Hour in Basel last Friday at the home of one of our financial backers. The purpose, apart from drinking plenty of wine, was to generate networking opportunities for TEST investors and to set up a platform for exchanging ideas about fund-raising. At the event, we launched the TEST digital marketing campaign and unveiled the new TEST identity.
The next financial step for TEST is to build on its base of private investors in order to generate excitement among corporate sponsors. All our private investors are working professionals who have deep ties to the business community and to potential sponsors from the corporate world. With the help of the material that the TEST marketing team has prepared, we will seek out more first-movers who love the thrill of discovering a new and exciting product and platform. But more than that, we will also show the sponsors how they can leverage the TEST digital campaign to reach new customers.